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Improvements in the moderation system.

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Contrary to what happens in other apps or web pages, all the memes that are uploaded to Memedroid go through a moderation stage before being published. Any memedroider with a minimum score can be a moderator and decide with their votes which memes are published and which are discarded.

Each meme must get a minimum rating in moderation to be published. This way, the community decides which memes will be seen in Memedroid and which ones will not. Although while discarding some uploads we reduce the amount of published memes, in return we increase the overall quality of the published content.

It sounds easy, right? Actually it isn't, but we won't bore you with unnecessary details. We've been working on the moderation system, listening to the community suggestions. Here is what we've done to make it better.

New minimum score to moderate.

We've increased the minimum score required to moderate. From now on it will be necessary to have at least 10,000 points (before 1,800) to moderate memes. By doing this, we reserve moderation for experienced memedroiders and give new ones time to get familiar with Memedroid before being able to moderate.

Abuse detection and blocking.

We've improved our systems to detect abusive cases such as using multiple accounts, spamming with upvotes/downvotes and other ways to try to alter the results of moderation. All the invalid votes will be discarded.

Better repost detection.

Detecting all the repeated content isn't easy, but we've worked to make our detection tools smarter. They already block many reposts every day.

Moderator Karma.

Good moderators usually upvote memes that are then published and highly rated, and downvote memes that end up rejected or get low rates. Our moderation system recognizes good moderators and gives more weight to their votes.

Inappropriate content.

Our staff reviews each meme before it appears in the moderation gallery. If you upload inappropriate content, it'll be removed and your account may be banned. Please don't do it, because nobody will see it and we hate banning users, we really do.

That's all for now. Happy moderating!

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