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Top 20 Funny Birthday Memes To Enjoy, Laugh and Share in 2022

Top 20 funny birthday memes to enjoy, laugh and share in 2022

If you are looking for those lame happy birthday memes from Facebook this is not your article. This funny birthday meme compilation is a selection to really enjoy, laugh and share. The memes that you will find here are irreverent, real and great to send to your friend, special one or family member you really get along with.

Imagine that you wake up one day and it's your birthday, you calmly check your phone, answer some WhatsApp messages wishing you happy birthday and you get into Memedroid to look at the best memes of the day before having any real social contact and… Congratulations! You find this article. It is the best thing that could have happened to start your birthday off right. By the way, if this is your case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yeah yeah, you're a year older but wiser and more experienced. Maybe your humor is more intelligent, skeptical and nihilistic, but you still love some stupid jokes for sure!

Now, feeling all that maturity in you, you are ready to laugh with the most funny birthday memes on the internet.

The funniest happy birthday memes

Surely you are tired of grungy old happy birthday memes. Luckily, at Memedroid we have fresh memes that you can share. You will enjoy memes that will identify exactly how you feel, situations that you have experienced and that will help you process the existential crisis of having a birthday.

birthday existential crisis

funny birthday meme
Memedroid Community - hybridsense153

funny birthday party is being awesome

Memedroid Community - FuzzyGrim

Dad’s birthday party

dad’s happy birthday meme
Memedroid Community - XHEEintu

Perfect Birthday Song

funny birthday song meme
Memedroid Community - moviefan7983

The funniest birthday party he could ever dreamed of

batman funny birthday party meme
Memedroid Community - JustSarah5

When you are so done with your birthday

Memedroid Community - FlyingLegHair

Mom's facebook friends

happy birthday meme 2022
Memedroid Community - KARGETER

Everyone hates singing happy birthday

happy birthday meme
Memedroid Community - CHTUWU

it is enough to make a man cry

cat funny birthday party meme
Memedroid Community - AloneKaven

birthday surprise

funny birthday surprise party meme
Memedroid Community - ZeroNumbCold

Birthday presents

Memedroid Community - FuzzyGrim

perfect birthdays

perfect birthday gift meme 2022
Memedroid Community - RapBroadway

Humans when they turn 1 year older

happy birthday party meme 2022
Memedroid Community - MemeTheVersed

When you grandma gives you a birthday card full of money

grandma funny birthday present meme
Memedroid Community - exonx5

I can always count on dad for my pathetic shortcomings

dads love funny birthdays
Memedroid Community - ExecutionerStudios

I want my birthday to be funny

happy birthday meme 2022
Memedroid Community - DLAPHINT

John Cena surprised with a birthday present… wait.. what?

funny birthday meme
Memedroid Community - Jungster

Your mom forcing you to go to a birthday party

funny birthday meme 2022
Memedroid Community - Baconbro

When blood, darkness and brutality is your life but you can't say no to cake

goth birthday meme
Memedroid Community - Splinter99

Happy Birthday King!

cat funny birthday meme
Memedroid Community - DaMusicGamer

The Memedroid funny birthday meme compilation 2022 is over

If this is your day we really wish you happy birthday, and if you are a friend of the birthday boy or girl looking for funny memes to brighten their day we hope we have helped you. In Memedroid you can find memes of all kinds, the community shares awesome posts every day and you can see the best memes of the day in the Top Day section

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