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20 Memes for friends that are perfect for sharing

The best memes for friends

We all have that friend we send memes to every day. On many occasions you do not even respond to each other but you know that they have laughed at your memes and that is worth it.

These memes represent friendship, memes for friends, it's time for you to take one of these memes and send it to yours. Some are wholesome memes for friends, and some are memes for friends’ groups, but all of them will be great for your best meme friend who will appreciate each one of them.

The best memes for friends of Memedroid

Gaming friends, IRL friends, lifelong friends, internet friends or Memedroid friends, you are about to see a fine meme selection with funny content to share with all of them. If you need a meme for friends that are sad, here you have some to cheer them up. Be a good friend, share the perfect meme to let them know you appreciate your friendship.

Memes for friends 1: Brooo

memes for friends
Memedroid Community - AloneKaven

The bro moment with our best friend. Are you the kind of friend who never says cheese things to each other? It is easier with a meme, give it a try.

Memes for friends 2: Fated to be friends

memes for friends in school
Memedroid Community - MeekMeme

When you and your friend were chosen to be together at the assignment and you know it was inevitable because you are destined to be bros forever.

Memes for friends 3: Guy stuff

memes for friends to share
Memedroid Community - Mister_Icicle

When it's the stupidest thing in the world but you laughed and you want your friend to see it too.

Memes for friends 4: Real Friends

meme for real friends
Memedroid Community - bblub

True friends can say absolute savage things to each other in a funny way and never get offended, the fun is in seeing who can be more ingenious that makes you laugh until you cry.

Memes for friends 5: Me and my friends watching the video

Memedroid Community - mudhonor

If you laugh you lose with your friends is the shortest game you can play with them.

Memes for friends 6: Friends when your dad is calling

memes for best friends
Memedroid Community - LordEnemyFire

Years of training to annoy your friend when he's on a phone call with his dad.

Memes for friends 7: Jokes on you I don’t have a friend or a girlfriend

memes for friends and girlfriend
Memedroid Community - DaMusicGamer

Girlfriend: Let's go to bed it's too late.

Boyfriend: But the boys are asking for one more game… I can’t let them down

Memes for friends 8: Lifetime best friends

Memedroid Community - YourOtherLeft

Man... this is wholesome, do any of you keep a lifelong friend?

Memes for friends 9: Cesar friends

memes for enemies
Memedroid Community - JustSarah5

TikTok's Roman knows a lot about betrayals, he's a lot like Caesar.

Memes for friends 10: Gaming friends forever

sad meme for friends
Memedroid Community - cominobody

Imagine this happens to you... we all have internet friends with whom we have played and we have never seen. People we share our passion for games with. This meme, indeed, is enough to make a grown man cry.

Memes for friends 11: Friends with unkissed foreheads

great meme for friends
Memedroid Community - BabixzBaby

When you spend the day insulting your friends but you also care about them.

Memes for friends 12: Friends with a cow

wholesome meme for friends
Memedroid Community - oceanapple

Some friends aren't even human, you can find friendship in your pet or in a cow, like this guy does.

Memes for friends 13: Three types of friend

types of friends meme
Memedroid Community - schizoidman

Guess the best friend among these three.

Memes for friends 14: Bro you wanna scrub the dishes with me?

poor friends meme
Memedroid Community - Vatsal

We don’t need money to have a good time.

Memes for friends 15: When you friends are fighting each other

Memedroid Community - KMAT97

When you're the chill friend who never argues and you have two pissed off friends because one doesn't want to go out and the other does.

Memes for friends 16: Best friends

Memedroid Community - GiantsLordHurdle

That moment when you think your best friend will leave you forever. But then you realize that now you are enough to form a squad instead of a duo in video games.

Memes for friends 17: Making friends

how to make friends in your 30s meme
Memedroid Community - MangoFrog.

Do you remember when you went to school and asked if you could play ball and you already had 50 friends? After 30 you don't even want to make the effort and you don't like most of them.

Memes for friends 18: Love to all my friends

funny meme for friends
Memedroid Community - MisterFe

Many of you will find this meme for friends very relatable.

Memes for friends 19: Being the funny friend

meme for funny friends
Memedroid Community - Kruegernapoleon

It's not nice to hold sh** in like that. We all have a dark side, just chill and don’t try too hard. You are probably naturally funny.

Memes for friends 20: Jokes with friends

Memedroid Community - ExecutionerStudios

This joke is so absurd that it is worth trying. Save the meme as a favorite so you don't forget it and record a funny video with your friends.

Do you have a meme friend?

If you don't have a meme friend you should start creating one by sending them a first meme. Memes are also great to start generating more relationship with your crush, so you know, start by making they laugh with memes for friends and then you can send them crush memes or dating memes. It's just an idea!

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