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The Best Fails of 2022

the best fails of 2022

Fails aren't just funny videos of people falling down, fail is a term that is used to describe a case of failure of any kind, especially when it comes to people doing things and screwing up. It has become a popular term on social media and memes of the best Internet fails are shared on Memedroid.

We have all experienced embarrassing failures in our lifes. Whether it's tripping and falling in some important situation like at your cousin's wedding or laughing while you were drinking and the fluid just came out of your nose at your new job.

Each person has probably been through something different. There are many types of fails that can make someone feel embarrassed but there are other fails that hurt not only mentally but also physically. A big hit doing something stupid or something that went wrong when you thought it was a great idea and you got hurt.

Top fails of 2022

Today we have prepared a selection with the best fails of the year 2022. In this article you will find fails of all kinds, videos are generally very popular but in Memedroid we have video and image fails, everything you need to have a good time at all levels. Here are some highlights of this year's most embarrassing and hilarious fails:

Me when I was a kid getting high grades

funny draco malfoy fail
Memedroid Community - WhiteLies

These f____uckers present the world’s greatest hamburgers?!

hamburgers fail
Memedroid Community - ToastOnMemedroid

You had one Job Kevin!

Memedroid Community - Epicuris

Fail question

funny fail question
Memedroid Community - ToastOnMemedroid

Cursed tattoo

funny tattoo fail
Memedroid Community - ExecutionerStudios

This is what happens when you take the warnings from hacked road signs

funny parking fail
Memedroid Community - ToastOnMemedroid

Army fail compilation

Memedroid Community - spongebob666

The Museum of Failure

failure meme
Memedroid Community - Jungster

Gotta watch those bagels.

drug test fail meme
Memedroid Community - SpiderDad61

Wall Jump

Memedroid Community - Epicuris

Watch this fail until the end

Memedroid Community - heckyeah

Instant karma

Memedroid Community - MonkeyRange

The perfect comparison

Memedroid Community - slaterMchogan22

Home worker fail

Memedroid Community - DuandaleQingle

Action movies

action movie fails
Memedroid Community - dayxah

Fail after fail

Memedroid Community - Mowervi

She is built for gymnastics

Memedroid Community - Mowervi

ducking mad

autocorrector fail
Memedroid Community - darknet

She didn't expect that

Memedroid Community - Mustafafleur

Task failed successfully

Memedroid Community - ChemicalRip

Do you remember any embarrassing fails that happened to you?

It is a never-ending question. We've all done it at some point in our lives, you surely can think of that embarrassing moment when you did something so stupid and became such an idiot that you wished the ground would open up under your feet and swallow you whole.

Make a meme with your biggest fail, whether it's the fail you had when proposing to your crush or when you went out to a presentation with your zipper down. It will be so much fun to see your story in a meme.

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