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The best Saint Valentine's Day Memes.

The best Valentine's Day Memes

One more year February brings us Valentine's Day. Some couples celebrate their love with effusiveness and passion, others not so much. Among those who are not fortunate in love are those who just ignore it and those who see it as a depressing day to suffer alone. In some places February 14th is known as the day of love and friendship, but everybody knows this is just a bad consolation because Valentine's Day is about loving, not about having friends :D

Funny Valentine's Day Memes.

Unlike in Tinder, in Memedroid it doesn't matter if you are in a relationship or not. Whether you look forward to February 14 to have a special day with your boyfriend or girlfriend or if you hate it and are hoping the day passes soon, we bring you the best Valentine's memes so you can enjoy it more than the owner of a florist.

Valentine's Day romantic dinner idea.

Memedroid Community - xXAguantaaXx

How to know if your partner is cheating in Valentine's Day

Valentine's day cheating wife - meme
Memedroid Community - DustyCake

For those passing their Valentine's Day alone.

Valentine's day alone - meme
Memedroid Community - AK-Punk

Valentine's meme card to send to that special person in your life.

Happy Valentine's card - meme
Memedroid Community - WOWPOWKERCHOO

February 14 can also be a great day to treat yourself.

Memedroid Community - Klumz

Valentine's surprise!

Happy Valentine's day all. - meme
Memedroid Community - Mook0999

Heart shaped pizza: best Valentine's dinner ever!

Memedroid Community - Ambrily

Naughty Valentine's card.

naughty Valentine's card - meme
Memedroid Community - Mememygod

Too many gifts for your girlfriend through the year? Here's the solution:

Valentines Day gift ideas girlfriend- meme
Memedroid Community - Madam_2012

For those who are shy:

Happy Valentines Card - meme
Memedroid Community - El_Viejo

Valentine's Day is also DeadPool's day.

Valentine's day Deadpool's anniversary. - meme
Memedroid Community - Suspekt

Extreme prank idea for Valentine's Day.

Memedroid Community - nosherkhan

You complete me.

Valentines mess - meme
Memedroid Community - Srom

Evil assistant

Table for one Valentine's Day - meme
Memedroid Community - b.vaibhav25.vb

We wish you a Valentine's Day full of love!

And if it comes without love, let's hope it comes with friendship at least. In any case our memes will always be there for you, ready to give you their unconditional love and make you laugh everyday without asking for anything in return. Well, maybe one thing: to share them if you like them!

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