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16 funniest text messages of 2022 so far

funniest text messages of 2022 so far

What is the funniest conversation you've had this year? What's the funniest thing someone has said to you in a text message? The answer may be something that makes us laugh, or it could be something we can't stop thinking about.

We like to make our friends laugh, which is why people look for ways to respond to messages in the most witty and funniest ways. These conversations make us smile and laugh when we are alone looking at the cellphone.

But sometimes, there are conversations that don’t go as expected and we need to laugh just to keep from crying. Maybe because we tried a new funny conversation starter trying to date the girl we liked, maybe the smartphone didn’t work properly or just because we screwed up.

In any case, we love funny text messages, so if you ever have a hilarious conversation feel free to share it with the community.

Funny conversations shared in Memedroid

Sometimes the urge to make a funny comment goes beyond our ability to control it. That's why we've decided to collect some of the funniest conversations shared on Memedroid by the community during 2022.

Funny conversation starter didn’t work as expected

Funny whatsapp text messages
Memedroid Community - bblub

Fun conversation between friends, but maybe they aren't anymore after this

Fun text messages between friends of 2022
Memedroid Community - vadersdad

Texting your mom and this happens

messages to mother do not arrive due to lack of signal
Memedroid Community - GunnaBurns

When your boyfriend is leaving you via text message

breakup conversation
Memedroid Community - mcstankus

conversations you don't want to have

text message that ended in a breakup
Memedroid Community - GiantsLordHurdle

When you want to say something to your partner and you choose the worst possible way

funny text message saying you have to lose weight
Memedroid Community - not_good

easy way to avoid a conversation

by text message it is easier to avoid conversations
Memedroid Community - MonkeyRange

You Know, people treat me like a god

funny conversation about existence
Memedroid Community - not_good

We should start referring to age as levels

black humor by text message
Memedroid Community - Pie-o-ren

fans of memedroid be like

Saitama sticker while texting
Memedroid Community - exonx5

The negotiator is back

funny negotiation conversation
Memedroid Community - ri3zo

Patience to flirt by text message

dark humor in conversation
Memedroid Community - green_bean

When your girlfriend doesn't want to tell you what's going on

funny couple conversation
Memedroid Community - Drag0nb0rn313

prank successfully done

Fun conversation for a purchase
Memedroid Community - FuzzyGrim

She sends you a photo testing positive

conversation in which the man jokes confusing the positive of pregnancy with the positive in covid
Memedroid Community - AloneKaven

uber driver is sick of me

Text message to the uber driver
Memedroid Community - fuliani

We hope you have enjoyed these funny conversations

We text each other every day via Whasapp, Instagram DMs and all other social networks. It is normal that hilarious conversations come up from time to time that make us all laugh and that are worth sharing.

If you are still in the mood, take a look at the memes of the week, this week there are real gems that will make you have a good time.

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