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13 Muscular Animals So Funny They Became Memes

13 muscular animals so funny they became memes

Muscular animals are something extraordinary. Unlike humans, they do not go to the gym to improve their physique, they simply have the body that their lives require.

For this reason jacked animals are so amazing and so funny at the same time. In this meme compilation we will see buff animals, some of them edited to create memes by the community, but others are so real and impressive that they deserved to be shared.

Buff, ripped and jacked animals

Whether you like to play sports or if you don't even move to get out of bed, these animals will give you enough envy to start moving your ass. Let’s begin!

Dinosaur to bird to fricking jacked

muscle bird meme
Memedroid Community - DaMusicGamer

This cockatoo perfectly represents the next evolution of its species. The cockatoo will develop powerful arms stronger than Goku's and through a moment of maximum anger it will gather ki and complete the third evolution.

Buff cat!

strong cat
Memedroid Community - Rttrffg

Come meet Michi, he's very nice. If this is your girlfriend's cat, you better treat her well because if you don't the ripped cat will come after you and finish you and your cat. Check out more cat memes here.


funny strong doge in a truck
Memedroid Community - C_Hordge_lll

Dogecoin was going to the moon but.... Now that cryptocurrencies are down so much the buff doge has had to look for a job as a trucker.

something amazing I guess

fit cat walking on two legs
Memedroid Community - Lukeisluke

Feeling like this jacked cat every time I got to help lifting something because they think I’m strong and young.

His name is cuddles

dog muscles after eating protein
Memedroid Community - MuteHSC

This dog is clearly a powerlifter. This dog trains heavy reps and rests long reps between sets.

Muscle fox

ripped fox
Memedroid Community - Peebee

If you look closely you can see how it is actually two foxes huddled together. But the reality is that they have become a fox with their arms crossed and really buff. This puts a smile on face.

Buff a*s Kangaroos man.

kangaroo strength
Memedroid Community - crossgemmo

It's well known that kangaroos are absolute gym beasts. They always look like they're flexing their arms in the mirror and showing who's boss in their area. If you find a kangaroo like that, run away, they won't hesitate to play boxing with you.

Bodybuilder frog

frog with abs
Memedroid Community - zhentrixcalipso

Important and hypothetical question. How many jacked frogs do you think you could fight? Yes, they are small but they are fast and with these powerful abs these frogs would have you on the ground in a matter of minutes. Maybe 100 well-trained frogs and 500 common frogs?

Buff horse

strong horse representing main character of an anime
Memedroid Community - Kyqoz

This is very accurate. Most of the anime main characters are super buff. This meme perfectly represents the difference between Netflix adaptations, real life and anime. If you are 15 years old, do not feel bad for being like Shrek's donkey, remember that at least you are funny watching and sharing memes.

This penguin is stronger than me

strong penguin
Memedroid Community - Will304

This penguin is not very muscular, but he feels strong like when your girlfriend or your mother asks you to open a jar to make you feel good.

Pretty doggo

ripped Doberman
Memedroid Community - LordEnemyFire

If you're a burglar breaking into this house, it's probably the last thing you do. This ripped Doberman is so powerful that it represents the legendary dog, the Grim. But to the rest of the world he sure is a good boy.

So beautiful…

jacked Minecraft character
Memedroid Community - Mmm..._Memes

Oops.. It's not an animal, but if you've played Minecraft have you ever managed to unlock it? It's perfect for killing the final dragon.

Squirrels doing superhero landings

superhero squirrel
Memedroid Community - Sugartown

Squirrels are posers. It's hard on the knees, you know? Took us a moment to realize they're scratching themselves.

If these animals could get this muscular, you can too

Have you been impressed with these jacked animals? It is time for you to take your pet and show they some of these animals to see what their reaction is. Sure it will be funny!

We invite you to see the best vacation memes so you can continue having fun. If you have already seen it, you can see some of the other articles that we have posted lately or some of the Memedroid tops.

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