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The best “The Rings of Power” memes

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The series "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" has been released with two episodes on Amazon Prime Video. This show is the most expensive in history, only the first season has cost 500 million dollars and 5 seasons have already been confirmed, although we will have to see the reaction of the audience and hope that it is not a real failure.

The Rings of Power is a prequel to Lord of the Lord of the Rings and takes place thousands of years before the original trilogy. The series takes place during the "Second Age" of the Middle-earth while The Lord of the Rings took place during the third. Each age has a different duration, in this case the second age has a duration of more than 3000 years and each one of them ends in an important event in the history of Tolkien's mythology. The end of the age of the series will take place with the epic conflict that begins the film of The Fellowship of the Ring.

After understanding the context in which the new show takes place, we might think that it has everything to be a guaranteed success, but the truth is that fans of the original saga have been very critical with the casting and the interpretations of Tolkien’s work. The memes represent the opinion of the people and it seems that from the start the series does not have the support of the audience.

Amazon only has the rights to Tolkien's Legendarium, which is where the mythology of his universe is told, and the Return of the King appendices, which run to about 50 pages. In other words, they had to invent a large part of the story and created new characters. This can become a problem if it is not up to standard, since being at the level of the original writer is not an easy task. This is something the Game of Thrones showrunners know very well.

Best memes from the premiere of the new “The Lord of the Rings” series

Get ready to see the best and funniest memes shared on Memedroid. Memes comparing The Rings of Power with The Lord of the Rings, memes of the casting of the series and memes of criticism prior to its premiere. After the first episodes we will see how the fans react and if they were right or Amazon Prime Video has done a good job with the Lord of the Rings series.

Rings of power intro

Memedroid Community - Sugartown

Guyladriel The rings of power meme

Galadriel the rings of power meme
Memedroid Community - Illrandom

House of the Dragon or THe Rings of Power

lord of the rings series meme
Memedroid Community - Mowervi

The Lord of the Rings, the Rings of Power plot meme

the rings of power twitter meme
Memedroid Community - YourOtherLeft

Ready for the premiere of the Rings of power

memes of lotr series
Memedroid Community - hybridsense153

Rings of Power... prove me wrong please

the lord of the rings and the rings of power meme
Memedroid Community - cominobody

TRoP meme

Memedroid Community - GunnaBurns

Rings of Power is arriving really bad to the release

the rings of power release
Memedroid Community - Illrandom

The Lord of the Rings and Rings of Power story in a youtube comment

funny the rings of power meme 2022
Memedroid Community - MonkeyRange

Rings of Powers haters before the premiere

the rings of power haters meme
Memedroid Community - PacBooty

Amazon, DON'T DO IT please...

hilarious the rings of power meme
Memedroid Community - MemeTheVersed

What do you think bout The Rings of power?

the rings of power failure meme
Memedroid Community - BabixzBaby

Lord of the rings: Rings of power rotten tomatoes rating

rings of power critics meme
Memedroid Community - avegfoul

Galadriel just like in the books

Galadriel meme
Memedroid Community - badtropical

The Rings of Power lore

the rings of power meme
Memedroid Community - ogbenjamin

Haters of the new show of the Lord of the Rings

the rings of power remake meme
Memedroid Community - DraconianMelon

The Real Slim Sauron, please, stand up

saurom in the rings of power meme
Memedroid Community - XHEEintu

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power meme

orcs in the rings of power
Memedroid Community - memedroidrepostsalot

Comments in the trailer of The Rings of Power

funny comments of the rings of power meme
Memedroid Community - GunnaBurns

Heading to the rings of power

the rings of power premiere meme
Memedroid Community - LordEnemyFire

Tolkien. Black Númenóreans

Tolkien meme
Memedroid Community - GunnaBurns

Have you already shared your funniest memes from “The Rings of Power”?

The Lord of the Rings series is going to give a lot to talk about, and fans are crazy to see if they have honored the original books. For months before its premiere on September 2, 2022, The Rings of Power memes have been overshadowing the world. And it is not for less, since the original saga set the standard so high that it is considered one of the most perfect trilogies ever and this was reflected in the immense number of Oscars it received.

What do you think will happen to the series? Despite all the criticism, you surely still hope that it will be a good story in one of your favorite worlds. So do we, and we'll keep you updated with the best TRoP memes whether it's going well or not, because you know, if it's bad, the best will be the memes. Either way, the Memedroid community will come out on top.

If you have been left wanting more, you can take a look at the Lord of the Rings memes or the best House of the Dragon memes, to which we have a dedicated article updated with each episode.

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