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15 fresh and funny tweets that are sure to make you smile in 2022

15 fresh and funny tweets that will make you smile

Twitter is a site full of conflicts and every day is a war. Many prefer not to be there, but those who are share tweets and funny responses with the rest of the internet. The Memedroid community has been posting some of the best moments throughout 2022 and now we are going to see them.

The world is a strange place, and people's reactions to it can be just as peculiar. But what happens when people that don’t know each other meats on Twitter? Weird situations and funny messes that are worth seeing. There are a lot of funny tweets on the internet, but some are more entertaining than others. There is something about reading them in a list that just makes them funnier and better.

Some of the top tweets and replies 2022

Whether you're waiting for the bus or sitting in class, it's always good to be able to take a break and enjoy some laughs. This article is about funny tweets that are sure to make you smile. We hope you enjoy these funny tweets!

Do not try this at home

funny tweet and reply
Memedroid Community - DreamMemesWithCheems

The guy: My dad’s gonna kill me

Healthy week tweet

healthy week tweet
Memedroid Community - Woz8005

Not the recipe for success but enjoy.

She went full Halloween in this one

funny reply to a tweet from a couple
Memedroid Community - French_Eater

Dude has priorities.

Twitter is pointless

Memedroid Community - ExecutionerStudios

Better to see the highlights on Memedroid.

Save me Jack

leonardo dicaprio funny new
Memedroid Community - Woz8005

Last time Leo was on a boat didn't turn out so well. He won't let anyone else go through what he went through.

Good point

tweet about laughing in real life
Memedroid Community - Woz8005

What too much Twitter does to people

Logic answer

tweet about how people install oil plants in the ocean
Memedroid Community - nGora

I find no fault with your logic.


watching tv tweet
Memedroid Community - kingacid

Where does one get a 5 lb bag of M&Ms? Asking for a friend.

Clever tweet

clever dating tweet
Memedroid Community - Woz8005

Yeah, not a bad idea. Step one: Get a date.

Never regret

fitness tweet
Memedroid Community - Woz8005

Now you must lift until sunrise. The rules are clear, if you make it till the morning free pass all year.


funny tweet about dodgeball
Memedroid Community - French_Eater_V

Somebody, call Piccolo. His training is needed!

Why there’s a dog on this plane?

funny tweet about a dog
Memedroid Community - Martín3stte

He's got places to be, things to sniff. Very busy dog.

Donating my body to science

funny tweet about science
Memedroid Community - Woz8005

With me they gonna be like “wow so this is what a meme enjoyer looks like from the inside”

Kinda rude, ngl

funny tweet about a library
Memedroid Community - SwitchyItUp

And then everyone clapped.

Great meme to finish these Twitter compilation

Memedroid Community - Hehaymay

Great way to finish this tweet and replies compilation.

What would you like to see next?

It can be difficult to find people on Twitter who are truly worth following and often what is presented as "funny" is just mean, which is funny to us. That's why we've compiled this list of tweets. We hope you've had a good laugh, and that the next time you see a worthy situation on Twitter, you'll share it with the Memedroid community. Too many tweets are tiresome but a good one every now and then is funny.

Feel free to post some memes with suggestions about the articles you would like to see. For example, we published back in June the memes most saved as favorite in Memedroid, that’s really cool content and we’ll be happy to show you some awesome compilations that you have never seen.

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